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Your solar sales team already has its work cut out for it. After all, solar energy is an idea whose time has come. It’s great for the environment and equally helps your customers save money. As if those reasons weren’t incentive enough, going solar also allows homeowners to impress their neighbors while gaining property value and enjoying unlimited access to power. What’s not to love?

Still, people get set in their ways, and even though solar energy’s value proposition is undeniable, your sales team will find that many prospective solar adopters will need a bit of extra persuasion before signing on the proverbial dotted line.

With that in mind, here are five solar closing techniques that will help your solar sales team close deals more effectively and maximize your marketing ROI.

  • ·       Selling Solar Solution on Value, not the Price

It is clear that competition is growing every day within the solar industry in Nigeria; in some areas, it seems like new solar installers enter the market every other week. It might be tempting to compete on price, but competitions tend to escalate which won’t be too long before you realize that you have raced your competitors to the bottom. Solar Price is already falling; there no need to hasten their descent.

Instead of trying to battle your competitors on price, concentrate on building value into your services. Let customers know that while your company may not be the cheapest, all of your installers are trained and certified. Show them how you’ll take care of them after the installation by monitoring/Checking upon their solar arrays and making yourself available to answer questions.

Think of it this way: most consumers don’t necessarily want the cheapest option. What they want is a great value. Give them that, and they’ll choose you over the competition nearly every time.

  • ·        Get Some Smaller “Yesses” before You Go for the Big “Yes”

During the sales process, there will be plenty of opportunities to establish common ground. Yes, saving money is great. Yes, solar adds value to a home. Yes, climate change is a serious issue. Yes, fossil fuel prices can only increase over the long term.

Your solar sales team should make an effort to get prospective solar buyers in the habit of agreeing with them. When the time comes to pop the big question, they’ll already be nodding their heads.

  • ·        Create a Sense of Urgency to Make Way for Solar

For some consumers, going solar already has a sense of urgency But even the staunchest green consumers can be encouraged with a little extra incentive to take immediate action.

For example, you might authorize your sales team to offer a small, limited-time discount. During the dry season, the sense of urgency might come from the fact that solar installation lead times are generally shorter. Who doesn’t like going to the front of the line? Always find a way to subtly build urgency into your pitch, regardless of timing.

  • ·        Collaborate on Solar System Design

These days, we refer our consumers as PROSUMERS because they will like to participate in designing and installation of their new solar arrays, they feel more invested in going solar. Plus, they trust that the system they’ve helped design is the one they’ll get, and building a trust-based relationship with your clients is one of the most important things you can do.

  • ·        ABC: Always Be Closing

It’s an old sales adage, but it’s true. If you want to close more solar sales, you should always have your eyes on the prize. Don’t race to the finish line and pull out your quotation for payment without listening and adapt to the needs of your customers, of course – but always remember why you’re engaging with a solar prospect and lead them towards the value in order to close more deals.


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